All You Need to Know About Matching Garage Door & Front Door

April 14, 2022

A garage door upgrade that matches your front door dramatically improves the overall curb appeal of the property, making it more appealing to potential buyers. To maximize the effect, many homeowners prefer to install coordinating doors for the garage and the entrance. Here’s all you need to know about matching garage door and front door, along with the key to incorporating well-fitting designs to both.

Is it Necessary for the Garage Door to Match the Front Door?

Your garage door and front door color combinations play a key role in defining the look of your house if they both confront the street. Matching doors help to tie the facade of the house together, which improves the home’s visual appeal. Of course, one may emphasize on matching the colors of the two doors to the house’s exterior. You must first determine the overall style of the property before beginning to coordinate your entrance door to the garage door. The idea is to achieve perfect harmony between the entryway and the rest of the house. Even if having a common home design, don’t assume you have to choose the same cookie-cutter entrance as anyone – there are also plenty of options to suit your unique vision.

Front Door and Garage Door Combinations


While some garage door companies provide matching entry doors, this is not always the case. Sometimes, homeowners have to mix and match to find a coherent combination between the two. To assist the match an entry door to the garage door, consider the following suggestions:

Make the Architectural Style Stand Out

Understanding the distinctive aspects of a certain architectural design can also aid in selecting the front door or garage door which complements each other. Consider the following common style combinations:

  • Contemporary – Geometric shapes, clean lines, and metal accents are just a few of the characteristics of a modern home. To suit the modern building, doors with steel, dark colors, and asymmetric windows appear sleek and stylish.
  • Craftsman – A craftsman-style residence emphasizes natural elements such as brick, stone, and wood. Big windows with such a grid-like layout are typical of a craftsman dwelling. Wooden entry and doors with lines of windows just on the upper portion of the door wonderfully complement this style.

Complement the Materials

It’s easier to streamline the search if you stick to the same material for the two doors. Consider the following materials:

  • Wood – It has an inherent beauty and charm that makes it excellent for moderate regions.
  • Steel – It is a lightweight, robust, and easy-to-maintain material that can be used in any climate.
  • Fibreglass – It has the appearance of natural wood at a fraction of cost, making it suitable for hot, humid locations with little wind.
  • Glass – Creates a sleek, modern look that works best inside a mild area free of wind and hail.

Incorporate Similar Designs

Another way of matching the garage door and front door is to seek design features that are similar. Choosing doors with comparable features can ensure that they match one another to enhance the home, whether it’s a specific window type or a consistent color scheme.

The Home and Color Theory


Color is the first thing to grab attention towards a house, so choosing the proper colors for the front door and garage door is crucial. The basic rule is to choose three colors: one for walls, one for trim, and one for shutters, frames, and, of course, doorways. The best garage door color for red brick houses is brown garage doors over red brick houses. In general, neutral hues like white, taupe, and gray are most popular and look fantastic. Another striking contrast is to go for a black garage door and white front door, or vice-versa.



Installing the garage door and the front door together enhances the charm of your space without spending heaps of dollars on upgrades later.

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