Thermatite Door Systems are built stronger with Neufoam™ technology – a continuous foaming process that renders cavity-free sections. No air pockets inside the panel ensures superior adhesion of our CFC/HCFC-free polyurethane insulation to the steel skin, preventing delamination and providing exceptional structural integrity. The door has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, offers a better thermal barrier (higher R-Value) and resists deflection. Sections feature thermal breaks and two continuous replaceable seals to minimize air flow. Installed with our highest quality hardware components, Thermatite Doors are engineered to provide many years of worry-free operation and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Section Details

T150-MR / T150 1 1/2″ (38mm)
T175-MR / T175 1 3/4″ (45mm)
T200A-MR / T200A 2″ (51mm)
T200-20 2” (51mm)
T300-MR / T300 (Total Door Thickness) 3″ (76mm)

T150-MR / T150 R 13.21 ft2 hF/Btu
T175-MR / T175 R 16 ft2 hF/Btu
T200MR / T200 R 18.28 ft2 hF/Btu
T200-20 R 18.28 ft2 hF/Btu
T300-MR / T300 R 24.54 ft2 hF/Btu

T150-MR / T150 Multi-Ribbed / Ribbed
T175-MR / T175 Multi-Ribbed / Ribbed
T200MR / T200 Multi-Ribbed / Ribbed
T200-20 Flush / White
T300-MR / T300 Multi-Ribbed / Ribbed

All models 22′ (6706mm)

T150-MR / T150 0.016″ (0.41mm)
T175-MR / T175 0.019″ (0.48mm)
T200MR / T200 0.016″ (0.41mm)
T200A-MR / T200A 0.025″ (0.64mm)
T200-20 20 Gauge
T300-MR / T300 0.016″ (0.41mm)

T150-MR / T150 29’-4″ (8941mm)
T175-MR / T175 36’-2″ (11024mm)
T200MR / T200 30’-2″ (9195mm)
T200A-MR / T200A 24’-2″ (7366mm)
T200-20 38’ 2” (11,633 mm)
T300-MR / T300 38′-2″ (11633mm)

10 years against delamination of the panels
1 year on materials and workmanship

Color Options

Two coat, baked-on paint system on exterior side, primer and polyester finish coat.

  • T150-MR / T150White / Silver / Brown
  • T175-MR / T175White / Silver / Brown
  • T200White
  • T200A-MR / T200AWhite
  • T300-MR / T300AWhite
  • T200-20White
  • White
  • Silver
  • Brown

T200C Colour Options:

  • Almond
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Slate Grey
  • Desert Tan
  • Sandstone
  • Cafe
  • Black

Glazing Options

Type Dimensions globales Frame Colour Description
B 24″ x 6″
610mm x 152mm
Black, White Clear glass sealed unit set in moulded frame.
CPL 24″ x 8″
610mm x 203mm
Black, White, Brown Clear glass sealed unit set in moulded frame.
AA 26″ x 13″
660mm x 330mm
Black, White Dual acrylic unit set in moulded frame.
E 24″ x 12″
610mm x 305mm
Black, White, Brown Clear glass sealed unit set in moulded frame.
D 34″ x 16″
864mm x 406mm
Black, White Clear glass sealed unit set in moulded frame.
FV Full Section Width Full vision aluminum glass section – white, clear anodized* finish; 1/8″ (3mm), (6mm*) acrylic, polycarbonate, plain or tempered glass, or 1/2″ (13mm) sealed or tempered glass units.

Standard / Optional Hardware


Full length retainer and bulb weather strip minimize air flow and ensure weather-tightness at the base of your door.


Doors are constructed to withstand wind load specified in ANSI/DASMA 108. Linear style trusses are provided according to door size. Additional trussing can be provided for higher wind load applications.


Roll formed from commercial galvanized steel. Vertical tracks sloped to ensure weather tight seal. Horizontal track curve available in 12″ (305mm) or normally provided 16″ (406mm) radius.

Track Brackets

Bolted type, field adjustable, rib reinforced, stamped from 0.123″ (3.1 mm) thick commercial galvanized steel.


Ten ball bearings provide years of smooth and quiet operation. 7/16″ (11mm) diameter standard stem, long stem on doors over 16’-2″ (4928mm) wide.

Counter Balance

Helically wound torsion springs manufactured from oil tempered spring wire, stress relieved, minimum 10,000 cycles. Aluminum die-cast grooved drums. Flexible 7 x 19 construction aircraft type galvanized cables with 5:1 safety factor. Higher cycle available upon request.

Horizontal Angle

72″ (1829 mm) long or 90″ (2286mm) for 3″ hardware.


Linear type, fabricated from 0.078″ or 0.106″ (2 or 2.7mm) thick zinc plated steel with embossments designed to resist higher load and provide greater stability resulting in improved performance.

Top Roller Carrier

Fabricated from zinc plated steel designed to provide greater stability, field adjustable to ensure weather tight seal.

Roller Brackets

Linear type fabricated from 0.078″ or 0.106″ (2 or 2.7mm) zinc plated steel. Graduated type design to ensure weather tight seal.


1″ (25mm) diameter 0.078″ (2mm) tube or 1/8″ (3mm) wall keyed full length or 1″ (25mm) diameter cold rolled galvanized steel keyed full length.

Head Plates

Full height fabricated from galvanized steel, complete with bolt-on type bearings.


Interior slide bolt type.

Mounting Fasteners

Zinc plated.

Optional Hardware
Combination PVC step plate and lift handle
Exhaust port: 3″ (76 mm) / 4″ (102mm) / 5″ (127mm) diameter
Flexible top weather strip for full width of door
Full height thermal break and anti-friction strip for galvanized end caps
Aluminum end stiles with full height jamb seal(Note: For T175-MR, T175, T175-20 only)
Pass doors: 32″ x 80″ (813mm X 2032mm) four section pass door available in doors up to 16.2’ (4928mm)(Note: *14.2’ (4381mm) for T150 and T200A)


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