Oh No, I Backed Into My Garage Door! What Are My Options?

February 14, 2024

We’ve all had those rushed mornings where we’re frantically trying to get the kids ready for school and make it to work on time. In the frenzy, it can be easy to forget small but important tasks – like opening the garage door before backing out. Next thing you know, you’ve backed your car right into the closed door, leaving a nasty dent or even knocking it off track.

While garage door collisions happen more often than you’d think, they’re still unpleasant surprises. Before stressing about the damage or costs, take a deep breath and focus on safety first. Make sure all passengers are uninjured, then assess the situation. This article covers what to check for, who to call for repairs, insurance considerations, and tips if full replacement is needed. With some handy DIY tricks and pro help, you’ll get your garage fixed up again in no time.

Take Care of Injuries and Move the Vehicle

After a garage door run-in, the top priority is ensuring all passengers are unhurt. Even minor bumps can cause hidden injuries, so err on caution if anyone reports pain. Once all safety checks are complete, carefully pull the vehicle forward so you can fully assess the damage. Open the garage entrance using the manual release rope rather than the automatic opener so you don’t cause further issues.

Inspect the Door and Tracks Thoroughly

Complete a visual inspection inside and outside before attempting to operate the automatic opener. Check the metal panels, tracks, rollers, cables and mounting brackets for obvious damage. Look to see if the door still appears aligned evenly on both sides. Any major visible damage or misalignment likely means Something needs repair before regular use.

Similarly, check the rails and hardware of the overhead garage door opener mechanism. If parts are cracked or come loose, the opening system may need attention to avoid causing more damage. If any loosening, damage or odd noises occur when operating the door manually, stop and call a garage door professional.

Assess and Document All Damage

Take photos of scratches, scrapes or dents on both the vehicle and garage entrance. Measure the indentations across vehicles to help the repair technician assess necessary work. Additionally, note door materials like aluminum, steel, fibreglass, or wood. All this aids garage door professionals in fixing issues properly. Consider contacting your car insurance for vehicle damage claims.

Homeowners’ insurance may or may not cover garage door damage, depending on policy specifics. It never hurts to check, especially if repairs appear very costly. Be aware that intentional damage caused by you or your family usually isn’t covered. Factors like the age and condition of the current door may also influence any payouts to replace versus repair.

Who Can Fix a Backed Into Garage Door?

While YouTube makes everything look straightforward, garage door repairs and replacements are best left to seasoned professionals. Severely dented or misaligned doors could drop unexpectedly and cause further expense and injury without proper assessment. The cables, brackets, and spring systems supporting your garage entrance require expertise to be serviced safely.

Licensed technicians have the right tools and knowledge to remedy garage dents, track damage, and roller issues. They can advise if repairs make financial sense over a brand-new installation. Safety checks also confirm if the automatic opener requires service. This prevents wasted money or hazardous operating conditions down the road.

How Much Does Backed Into Garage Door Repair Cost?

Every situation differs slightly, but here’s a general overview of common garage incident repairs:

  • Dented or cracked door panels – $200-450 each
  • Bent track alignment – $150 per track
  • Roller replacement – $45-65 per roller
  • Off-track or broken cable repairs – $200+
  • Garage opener issues – $100+
  • Full garage door replacement – $1000+

Of course, costs vary based on door size, materials, local rates and the extent of damage. A detailed inspection by a professional provides the most accurate quote. They have seen everything from replacing a single steel panel to installing insulated double doors and can make it right. Many garages run perfectly for years after incidents with regular maintenance.

Preventing a Repeat Garage Door Backing Accident

To avoid repeating this unpleasant surprise, take preventative steps like:

  • Installing vehicle backup cameras for increased visibility
  • Painting garage door edges a bright colour for visibility
  • Adding parking stops to prevent pulling forward too far
  • Tuning up automatic openers to fully lift doors
  • Creating reminders to open the door before moving vehicles
  • Slowing down when entering the garage to react better

Staying proactive enhances garage safety for all family members. But when accidents still sneak by, turn to experienced professionals for timely repairs. They’ll have that door running like new again before you know it.