Troubleshooting the Causes of Garage Door Issues

Published on June 12, 2021

When your garage door acts up and is not working correctly, finding the source of the problem is essential to resolve it quickly. Some types of garage door issues can be fixed on your own, while others will require a qualified garage door specialist in Hamilton, Oakville & Burlington to resolve.

#1: Automatic Door Opener Transmitter Issues

If your garage door opener is not working, the cause could be the transmitter in the remote is not working. The first thing to do is change the batteries to see if this resolves the issue.

If not, try opening and closing the door using the switch in your garage. If the door works fine using the switch, the remote could be defective and needs replacing.

#2: The Door Opens and Closes Unexpectedly

This issue is common when your neighbour uses the same frequency on their garage door remotes. Change the frequency on your opener and remotes to see if the resolves the problem.

#3: The Door Open but Will Not Fully Close

Modern garage doors have photo eye sensors located at the ground level on each side of the door. When there is an issue with the photo eye sensors, it will open.

Yet, when you go to close it, it closes partway, then reopens. Check to make sure there are not any obstructions that are blocking the sensors. If there is, move them out of the way. If there is not, clean the lenses on the sensors to remove dust and dirt.

#4: The Automatic Opener Runs, but the Door Won’t Open

For this issue, check the emergency disconnect. If the cord was pulled and the door was released from the automatic opener’s arm, the motor on your opener will run, but the door will not open. If it is detached, simply reconnect the door to the opener’s arm.

#5: The Door Starts to Open or Close and Stops

The door tracks can and so get dirty, which can cause the door to stop moving when it is opened or closed. Clean the tracks and lubricate them if needed. Additionally, check to make sure the tracks are not bent or have gaps, which will cause this issue.

#6: The Automatic Opener Keeps Running

There are settings on the automatic opener that tells it how far to open and close the door. If it keeps running after the door is opened or closed, the settings need to be adjusted. Check in the owner’s manual to see how to do this, or call your garage door technician for help.

By troubleshooting garage door problems using these tips, you might be able to resolve garage door issues yourself. If you still have problems or notice the springs and cables are broken, you will want to contact your garage door technician.

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