Troubleshooting the Causes of Garage Door Issues

February 12, 2023

Garage doors are essential in modern homes, delivering security and convenience. But as with many mechanical systems, garage doors can develop issues over time and malfunction. This article examines some of the most common garage door troubleshooting techniques for your home.

The garage door drops too quickly.

After performing too many cycles, the springs in your system eventually tap out and snap. When some of the torsion or extension springs snap, you may notice that the garage door drops quickly.

Keep track of the lifespan of your garage door springs; if you feel like they have been through much wear, have them replaced. Failure to fix this problem promptly could lead to the door slamming down, causing damage to your car or injuring someone.

Unusual Noises

Hearing unusual noises indicates that you may have underlying issues. These could be minor, but there could also be significant issues that need immediate expert attention.

If you hear a popping or crackling sound, some top causes to check out include loose chains, broken springs, rusted tracks and nuts. If you aren’t sure about the type of sound coming off from the garage door and what it means, call a garage door professional to troubleshoot the problem.

Crooked door

Have you recently noticed that the door is moving unevenly or looking odd? This misalignment could indicate several problems, including obstacles on the tracks, rust, or a malfunctioned spring system.

Also, check your garage door manual to ascertain whether you’ve selected the proper settings. This will help ensure the garage door closes fully and doesn’t break down.

If you think there is a problem with the spring system, you can call a professional garage expert to make a proper diagnosis. Faulty garage door springs can be hazardous.

Keypad not working

Garage keypads improve the comfort and security of many homeowners. But when the door doesn’t open or close when you key in the code, there could be a problem. Most likely, the keypad is not synced.

Thankfully, this is an easy, non-technical fix that can be executed quickly with guidance from the manual. You can start by replacing the batteries if they have died. You can then follow the steps outlined in the manual to re-sync the keypad. If the problem persists, be sure to call in the residential garage door pros.

 The garage door is not opening.

A malfunctioning opener is one of the most common causes of garage door problems, including the door not opening. You can troubleshoot this problem by checking whether the remote control batteries are fully charged.

Check to see if the opener’s wiring and connections are correct. You can also ensure the remote control is within range and the sensitivity is right. Reboot the controller and reprogram it following the product’s manual.

Automatic Door Opener Transmitter Issues

If your garage door opener is not working, the cause could be the transmitter in the remote is not working. The first thing to do is change the batteries to see if this resolves the issue.

If not, try opening and closing the door using the switch in your garage. If the door works fine using the switch, the remote could be defective and need replacing.

The Door Opens and Closes Unexpectedly

This issue is common when neighbours use the same frequency on their garage door remotes. Change the frequency on your opener and remotes to see if the resolves the problem.

The Door Open but Will Not Fully Close

Modern garage doors have photo eye sensors located at the ground level on each side of the door. It will open when there is an issue with the photo eye sensors.

Yet, when you go to close it, it closes partway, then reopens. Check to make sure there are not any obstructions that are blocking the sensors. If there is, move them out of the way. If there is not, clean the lenses on the sensors to remove dust and dirt.

The Automatic Opener Runs, but the Door Won’t Open

For this issue, check the emergency disconnect. If the cord was pulled and the door was released from the automatic opener’s arm, the motor on your opener will run, but the door will not open. If it is detached, simply reconnect the door to the opener’s arm.

The Door Starts to Open or Close and Stops

The door tracks can get dirty, which can cause the door to stop moving when it is opened or closed. Clean the tracks and lubricate them if needed. Also, check to ensure the tracks are not bent or have gaps, which will cause this issue.

The Automatic Opener Keeps Running

There are settings on the automatic opener that tell it how far to open and close the door. The settings need to be adjusted if it keeps running after the door is opened or closed. Check the owner’s manual to see how to do this, or call your garage door technician for help.

By troubleshooting garage door problems using these tips, you might be able to resolve garage door issues yourself. If you still have problems or notice the springs and cables are broken, you will want to contact your garage door technician.

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