The Significance and Types of Insulated Garage Doors

May 23, 2022

Insulation is perhaps the most essential aspect of designing a garage. And a well-insulated garage door plays a key role in keeping the space more energy-efficient. There are various garage door insulation materials out there, each of which comes with its own purpose. Scroll down to learn why garage door insulation is important as well as what materials can you choose from.

Why is Garage Door Insulation Important?

Insulation gives your garage door an added layer of sturdiness and protection. Appropriate insulation protects the automobiles, tools, and other stored items inside the garage from harsh weather and varying temperature conditions. In addition, an insulated garage avoids heat loss, thereby saving on the monthly energy expenditure. This energy efficiency benefits the environment as well. In addition, insulated doors help in safeguarding your garage and its contents from unwanted break-ins and harmful environmental changes.

Types of Garage Door Insulation Materials

While the type of insulating garage doors depends on certain specific conditions, polystyrene and polyurethane are the two most prevalent garage door insulation materials.

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin that is derived from Styrofoam. Polystyrene is also a cost-effective and waterproof door handle insulation material. It may be simply adapted and altered to fit any garage, regardless of size or structure.

Polyurethane is a much more sophisticated synthetic polymer than polystyrene and is often more expensive. However, it also comes with greater benefits and is much different than polystyrene in terms of thickness. Polyurethane insulation is significantly denser than fibreglass insulation, making it more durable and effective in noise reduction.

Insulated Garage Doors Benefits

Here are some of the chief benefits of an insulated garage door:

Reduced Noise


A garage is that corner of your house that is likely to experience a lot of noise, especially if it also serves as a workspace or even a gym. Insulated garage doors are much thicker, which reduces noise pollution. People around the house or your next-door neighbours don’t have to worry about the noise if your garage is equipped with an insulated garage door. Alternatively, one won’t be worried about external noises while working, including nearby traffic or violent storms. The functioning of the door frame will also be quieter, thanks to the insulation.



Insulated garage doors are significantly more durable than the ones that aren’t equipped with an efficient layer of insulation. Layers of aluminum, wood, or steel protection make them less prone to denting, rusting, and warping. Insulated doors don’t really call for regular repairs, maintenance or replacements because of their reinforced design.

Comfort and Consistent Temperature


An insulating garage door regulates the amount of hot and cold air that escapes from and into the garage. This ensures a stable, consistent temperature inside the facility. An insulated garage is a good investment if one spends a lot of time in the garage – and if you don’t want to get into a bitter cold car on those winter mornings. If you keep any food in the garage, maintaining a consistent temperature becomes even more essential.



When it comes to garage insulation, one of the most difficult obstacles for homeowners to overcome is choosing the right type of garage doors. A standard garage door is made of 24-gauge iron and is insulated with stiff foam. When creating an energy-efficient garage, it is recommended to replace a normal garage door with one that has a higher R-value.

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