Residential Garage Door Parts, Service & Maintenance Programs

Active Doors & Service is a service oriented company and we know that everyone is busy and time is of the essence, so we offer same day service. Call by 9am and its fixed by 5pm! You can book an appointment and if you leave your cell number no matter where you are our technician will call you before our arrival to ensure you are home. Call our office today for your hassle free service.

24 Hour Emergency Repair Service

We are here to help you along the way, when unexpected things happen on a weekend, a holdiay, or after nornmal business hours. Please contact our 24 hour emegrency dispatch team 519-979-9299 or our toll free # 1-888-487-4446 and your call will be answered by our friendly after hours answering service. They know just the right questions to ask. They will take down all of your particular needs and contact our after hours crew and they will promptly return your call and take care of your issue with effecient, high quality workmanship. Anchor Doors & Service Staff keeps a full line of most common replacment parts on our truck saving you time and money. We service Windsor & Essex County and the surrounding communities. Our Chatham location also offers emergency service. If you are calling from Chatham-Kent area our local phone number is 519-352-9699, or you may still reach us via our toll free #1-888-487-4446.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque, Debit and if required E-Transfers can be arranged.

Residential Garage Door Service & Maintenance

One of our most common repairs is the broken garage door spring. If you are home when this problem occurs it creates a loud bang or snaping sound when it breaks. Don’t try to lift the door on your own beacuse without the springs assistance your garage door will be very heavy to lift and you may injure yourself or create further damage to your door & opener. These days we use our garage door frequently,to bring in the garbage, go for walks, park our cars, go for bike rides… eccetra then you may want to invest in high cycle springs for added longevity. Inquire with our sales staff when you call or our service technician on site.

Every spring and fall we recommend inspecting your garage door components, lubricate all moving parts, balance check the door, and check to see if your operators safety devices are working and if the weather seals are in good condition. Dried out and cracked weather seals expose your garage to the harsh elements of nature. Our staff is well trained on what to look for during these inspections. They can do a complete 15 point inspection and recommend any replacement parts or repairs in as little as one hour.

Call Active Doors & Service and find out why we are your preferred service company.

Services Active Doors proudly offers:

  • Free phone estimates
  • Free on-site estimates for door replacements
  • 24 hour emergency radio dispatched technicians for service repairs
  • Garage door installations, service, and repairs
  • Shed doors and roll shutters
  • Warranty service and preventative maintenance work
  • Patio screen door repairs
  • Repairs to all makes and models of garage doors & openers
  • A representative always available to answer your questions

Services We Offer

We proudly offer total coverage for every aspect of garage door ownership. From installation to preventative and routine maintenance.Spring or Fall is the ideal time for a routine maintenance check on your garage door. It only takes one hour to have one of our technicians keep your garage door performing and looking just like new.

Our Inspection Process:

Our Garage Door Inspections involve a thorough 10-step checklist. We check everything from your weather stripping, springs, tracks, rollers and hinges to your cables, bearings and exterior panels. Once we’ve given everything the once-over we lubricate every moving part and balance and adjust the door accordingly.

Residential Services We Offer

There are some replacement parts to your garage door you can replace yourself. However to avoid any accidental injury for serveral replacement parts like springs and cables we recommend you contact our experienced service team to do it for you.

Replace broken garage door springs

A broken spring is a very common occurance. Until the garage door is repaired, you should not attempt to open it as it will be very heavy. Our Technicians will replace your broken spring on site and check over the operation of your garage door once completed.

Replace broken cables

The wires that run along the side of your garage door can frey and snap or unspool if the door closes on something. If your garage door doesn’t work properly it might be because of the cables. Contact our office and have a Service Tech come and inspect and repair your garage door

Replace rollers

Noisy garage doors can often be quieted by replacing the rollers on your garage door with our white nylon ball bearing rollers available in short stem and long stem shafts. Contact us to replace your worn out rollers for you.

Replace perimeter weather seals

Having good weather seals around your garage door will prevent wind, rain, snow, debris, and rodents from coming inside your garage. Ask us about our dual fin weather seals.

Repair your garage door off the tracks

A garage door offi its tracks is a common issue . If this happens contact us immediately for repairs.

Replacement garage door parts

We carry af full line of replacement parts for all makes and models including bearings, bearing plates, bottom fixtures, cables, springs, drums, gears, hinges, locks photo eyes, remotes , rollers, sections, shafts, struts and tracks

Garage Door Opener Repairs to all makes and models – master links, gear kits, safety eyes motor, door locks and lights

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