Installing a New Garage Door? Read This First!

August 14, 2022


So, you’re planning to upgrade, repair or change your garage door? Well, you might want to read this article first before doing anything. 

The Garage Door Design

If you want to know how to replace a garage door, you should know how it works. An excellent way to start is by checking the anatomy of a garage door reference. Basically, the major parts of a garage door include the following:

  • Wall-mounted opener
  • Torsion spring
  • Track
  • Lock
  • Hinge
  • Weatherstripping
  • Garage door sections

What Garage Door to Choose

1 Layer – This is at the bottom of your choices, but it has the advantage of being the least expensive. These doors are typically manufactured from a single sheet of stamped galvanized steel and lack insulation. Commonly, a 24 or 25-gauge is used. However, some of them can have a sheet of foam put on the interior, which results in a minor price increase but a higher R-value. The galvanized coating on the steel prevents it from rusting, and the steel often leaves the mill with a strong primer, top-coat, and baked-on primer.

3 Layers – This is an excellent choice if you don’t want the basic but not the costliest. These stamped steel or vinyl doors appear like single-layer variants when viewed from the road. Nevertheless, they are insulated and finished using a steel or vinyl inner face. Typically, the insulation is made of polystyrene or polyurethane foam to fill the core, and the frame is made of either wood or metal. The exterior of the building is finished off with a coating of steel or vinyl.

4 – 5 layers – If you want the best garage door, then this is perhaps the best option. These are expensive because it has many layers. This means it’s a lot more durable and has excellent insulation properties. The layers will generally include a low-maintenance composite skin, moulding, steel face, insulating foam core, and interior steel face.

How Or Where To Get Garage Door Upgrade Ideas

Find Some Sources Of Motivation – Begin by looking online for stock and semi-custom styles you like, as well as the companies who create them. You can also check out some garage door before and after photos. Doing such should help you get started.

Sampling Shopping – There is a possibility that home improvement stores and lumberyards will feature scaled-down sample doors that display the available colors, grain patterns, insulation, and materials. A garage door retailer’s showroom will also have a significantly larger selection of full-size samples.

Hire A Professional – If you want something that looks great but don’t know how to achieve such, then the best way of doing it is by hiring a professional to choose for you.

Wrapping It All Up

Upgrading or replacing your garage door can be a tricky process. In fact, a lot of things can go wrong, and this one article can’t cover all the possible issues and problems. Your best bet is to consult a garage door professional in Hamilton, Oakville & Burlington.