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How to Set Up a Garage Door Opener in Your Car?

April 8, 2024

An automatic garage door opener provides optimum convenience since you can control your garage door with the touch of a button. The specialists at Active Door can provide you with a smart garage opener to use in your car, but setting up the device can be tricky. Use the tips in this guide to program your remote garage door opener so you can take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

Methods for Programming an Electric Garage Opener

When setting up your garage door opener, you take one of two approaches. Homeowners can either use a remote to program the technology or opt for a setup without a remote. Discover how to program your garage opener below. 

With a Remote

For this method, you should look at the machine inside your garage that connects to the door. Most models feature a button with a light that says “Learn,” which is what you need to press in order to program your system. Hitting this button gives your garage opener the ability to receive new radio frequencies that will control it. 

After you press the “Learn” button, use your remote and push the button you want to function as the door opener. Keep in mind that some models only have one button that will both open and close the garage, while others feature multiple buttons that you can assign different functions. Hold down the button for about five seconds and watch the light next to the programming button on the overhead machine. 

The light should shut off when the system receives the radio frequency from your remote. This indicates that the garage door opener is ready for automatic use. To make sure that everything works properly, test the remote opener a few times and repeat the process above if you can’t control the garage door

Without a Remote

If you decide to program the garage door opener in your car without a remote, the following steps should get the job done:

  • Locate the control panel in your car and find the button that says “program” or a similar term. 
  • Press and hold that button for a few seconds until a light starts to flash.
  • The panel may automatically link to the door opener; if not, you can enter a new keycode manually to program the remote. 
  • Wait a few seconds, and then test the door opener with your remote. 

Helpful Tips

Not all garage opener installation and programming methods are the same. If you decide to program the opener without a remote, park your car in the garage so the panel connects to your system rather than a neighbour’s. Check the owner’s manual to see if your opener has different instructions for linking to the remote in your car. 

Does your garage door opener no longer work? The experts at Active Door specialize in garage opener repair and installation and are happy to inspect your system to ensure it’s working properly. Give us a call at (365) 607-5674 to schedule a consultation.