Bent Garage Door Panels Yourself

How to Fix Bent Garage Door Panels Yourself

June 19, 2023

No garage door will go through its life without some dents and damage at some point. The problem is that even minor bends and dents can affect the function and security of the door. You need to know when to try fixing bent garage door panels yourself and when to opt for replacement parts.

How to Fix Bent Garage Door Panel.

Let’s start with the low-key problems where you can generally handle the dents yourself. A little TLC with the right tools will make the door look and function better. The instinct to take a hammer to the door isn’t incorrect, you just need a considered approach. The last thing you want is to make the dent worse or cause irreparable damage. Take a piece of wood, lay it flat against the area with the dent, and gently use the hammer to create as flat a surface as possible.

In some cases, you find it easier to fill in minor dents than run the risk of making it bigger. However, some argue that this requires too much work. You need to:

  • Sand down the door in the dented area
  • Fill in the dent with an auto-body filler and hardener
  • Turn that into a completely flat surface once dry
  • Paint over the surface.

This can mask the problem if you are prepared to put effort into getting the best result.

Replacing Badly Bent Garage Door Panels.

Sometimes, the dent is simply too extreme or large to handle with either of these methods. This is when it is time to replace the panel or the entire door. Replacing an entire door can be costly because you’re dealing with all the extra mechanisms and electronics. Still, it might be worth it if the door is getting old and temperamental and is due for an upgrade.

Replacing the panel makes more sense financially if the rest of the door is fine. It shouldn’t be hard to find a matching replacement part, and you can hire garage door installation experts to come and fit it for you. It looks out of place on the old door, but it’s better than living with a dent.

Why Is It So Important To Fix Damaged Garage Doors?

Ideally, you want to fix dents in garage doors as soon as possible to stop the problem from worsening. Right now, a minor dent may be merely cosmetic. However, there are plenty of cases where dented doors affect the closing mechanism. This could then harm the security of the building. The sooner you handle the dents, the better.

Trust Active Door With Any Damaged Garage Doors.

Hopefully, the problem is minor enough that you can figure out how to fix bent garage door panels yourself. If not, it is best to turn to the experts at Active Door in Hamilton. We can help with fixes, replacement parts, and new installations. So, contact us today to learn more.