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How to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Close

November 13, 2023

Your garage is a handy feature; it protects your vehicles, gives you extra storage space, and adds a little security. In short, your garage door is important, so it can be frustrating when yours won’t close. You need to fix the problem promptly, or else you could be exposed to the elements, intruders, or other issues.

At Active Door, we understand how difficult this problem is. That’s why we have some suggestions for addressing your garage door issues; with our help, you can fix the problem and worry less about it ever returning.

Check the Garage Door Opener and Sensors

Garage door openers are useful devices, but they aren’t without their problems. Sometimes, the problem lies with them and not with your garage door. Swap out your garage door opener remote batteries, or consider changing models and see if it addresses the issue.

Garage door openers aren’t the only simple fixes. Garage doors also often have sensors. These sensors detect when something is underneath the garage door, which helps prevent injuries and property damage. Sometimes, however, something may block the sensors and prevent them from doing their job.

Check for any obstructions and remove them. Clean your sensors to remove extra dust. This might be enough to fix a garage door that won’t close.

Double-Check Your Tracks and Rollers

If you’ve checked your sensors and remote and the problem still hasn’t resolved itself, you’ll need to look elsewhere for the issue – in particular, check the tracks and rollers.

The tracks and rollers allow your garage door to move up and down. If the door comes off the tracks, or if something blocks it, it won’t operate as it should.

Double-check your garage door to ensure it’s still on the tracks. Search for stones, sticks, or other debris that might block the rollers and remove them.

Manually Close the Door

While it won’t fix the source of the problem, you can keep your property secure by manually closing the door. Your garage door should have a manual release chord for situations like these. Tug on the chord, and the mechanism should release your garage door.

Most garage doors have a handle on the bottom; once your door is free, pull on the handle to close your garage door.

Contact a Professional for Help

Sometimes, you might be unable to identify and fix a problem yourself. The problem’s source might not be obvious, or you might know what the problem is but be unable to address it on your own. In cases like these, it’s best to call a garage door professional for help to avoid potentially dangerous mistakes.

If you have a garage door that won’t close, contact Active Door in Hamilton for expert assistance. We’ve seen countless problems, from broken sensors to damaged tracks. We’ll assess your door, diagnose the problem, and fix the issue to help you protect your property. Call (905) 689-5308 to learn more about how we can help.