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How to Extend Wi-Fi to a Detached Garage?

May 10, 2024

In this day and age, reliable Wi-Fi is important. Whether you work from home, stream movies with friends, or have kids who play Xbox, you need a strong internet connection. 

Needing reliable Wi-Fi in your detached garage? Learn how to extend Wi-Fi to a detached garage to give your Wi-Fi that extra boost. We will explain all the different methods and techniques to ensure a strong connection. 

The Top 4 Ways to Extend Wi-Fi

We have outlined the top four methods for how to extend Wi-Fi to a detached garage. Just follow this simple guide for the best results. 

Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you are on a budget, this is the best option for an extra signal boost. A range extender can help you maximize your existing network and extend it to your garage. With a single plug, you will create an access point for a stronger connection. 

Powerline Adapter

With the use of your home’s electrical wiring, a powerline adapter can transfer data and increase your Wi-Fi reach. This method is most convenient due to its hassle-free, wired solution. All you need to do is plug it into an Ethernet port near your router in your garage and connect two adapters using an Ethernet cable. 

The Second Router in Bridge Mode

For a sturdy connection, you can set up a second router in bridge mode in your garage. This creates an efficient Wi-Fi network that covers your home and your garage. This is a great method for those seeking connections covering large distances — such as from a house to a detached garage. 

Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

For large properties, this is the best method for strengthening your Wi-Fi system. This network is the culmination of devices working together to create one single network. This method is the highest standard for extended reliability and coverage. 

Choosing The Best Method For You

Choosing a method that is suitable for you can vary depending on certain cases. Here are some factors to consider before choosing:


If your garage is located near your home, either a powerline adapter or a range extender would be sufficient. For farther distances, a router in bridge mode or a mesh Wi-Fi system would be the best option. 

Construction Materials

Examine the materials used in your garage. If you have thick materials such as brick or concrete, it can obstruct your Wi-Fi signal. If this is the case, a second router or mesh system will be your best choice. 


Budget can also play a role. If you are on a budget, range extenders, and powerline adapter are your best bet. 

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