Garage Door colour Ideas: How to Make a Selection and Pick the Right colour for Your Garage

June 23, 2022

Choosing a fresh colour for your garage door is exciting. However, with so many garage door colour ideas and options, it is not easy to make a decision. A garage door should complement your property’s style and improve its curb appeal, so make sure to choose wisely. In this post, you will find helpful information on making the right choice when deciding on new paint for your garage.

What to Consider When Choosing colours for Garage Doors

You may be thinking of two or more colours for garage doors. However, don’t pick a shade because it appeals to your style and preferences. The new colour must complement the residential or commercial property’s architecture and the surrounding.

Determine Your Property’s Three colours

Each property has three colours a basic one that serves as a primary colour, an accent colour for shutters and doors, and a trim colour for door frames and awnings. When looking at garage door colour ideas, do you want the new colour to match your primary or trim colour?

You can combine light primary colours with dark trim colours or in reverse. It is an excellent opportunity to be creative. For a better understanding of how different colours work together, take a look at the colour wheel:

  • Monochromatic: Variations in the lightness of one colour
  • Analogous: Colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel, such as green with yellow.
  • Complementary: Two colours opposite one another on the colour wheel, such as blue with orange

Property’s Architecture and Neighborhood

Before you decide you want a blue garage door or something more neutral, it is essential to consider your property’s architecture and the colours throughout the neighbourhood. Modern properties can explore more adventurous and contemporary colours, while older ones can stick to historically accurate colours to preserve their appeal.

Here are some garage door colour ideas to consider:

  • Colonial: White, brown, or yellow property with neutral garage door and white trim
  • Cape cod: White garage door, white property, and blue shutters
  • Craftsman: A sage-green property, yellow door, and dark green trim
  • Victorian: Victorian properties are often more colourful, with ivory white porch, burgundy trim, and white garage door
  • Brick: Go for earthy, white, and neutral colours for the garage door. You can use yellow with cream, green with gray, green with taupe, and charcoal with gray.
  • Stone: If you want a more elegant look, use a neutral colour for the trim, for example, ivory against dark gray and red brick.

Best Garage Door colours Are One Phone Call Away

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