The Common Garage Door Problems

The Common Garage Door Problems That You Need to Know

May 9, 2023

Your property’s Garage door should be functional to offer convenience and security to your entire family. It is an essential aspect of your property that functions all year round to protect your cars and other valuable belongings. But like any other mechanical system, the garage door might face serious issues preventing it from working efficiently. Hence, it is essential for you to identify the typical garage door problems and ways to resolve them so that you can continue their use in the future.

Addressing these problems immediately is crucial for ensuring that you will not have to bear expensive repairs or replacement of garage doors in future. Getting garage door professionals’ assistance is also essential so that you will get a reliable garage door fixed efficiently.

The common garage door problems every homeowner should be aware of includes the following –

1. Faulty Remote control – Garage doors are known to work with a remote control; if the remote control has some problems, it might affect the functioning of the garage door. If the problem is with the batteries, you can replace them with new batteries. But if the remote control is out of range, it will not send the signal to the garage door, thereby limiting its functionality. Hence, you need to call a professional to inspect the problem and look for the exact cause of the garage door problem.

2. Noisy garage door- A noisy garage door can pose a problem for you and your family if you are sleeping next to or above the garage. With regular and routine maintenance, garage doors might function smoothly without any noise. But if the noise continues, it might be due to the worn-out door rollers or hinges making the noise. Replacement of garage door parts that are old or worn out is the best way of dealing with this problem, and this task can be accomplished with the assistance of garage door repair professionals.

3. Broken torsion springs- Large springs are placed under the garage doors for smooth functioning, but when the springs are broken, it might become difficult to close or open the garage door smoothly. Since the springs are under constant stress, they might lose their strength or wear out over time. The professionals will use specialized tools and equipment to replace or repair the torsion springs to work as smoothly as before.

4. Broken sensor- Sensors are an integral part of the modern garage door, and they work as a signal for detecting obstructions that comes in the way of the garage door path. This prevents accidents, injuries or damages, but when the garage door sensor is not working or if it is broken, it might lead to safety issues at your home. Hence, you must hire professional technicians to diagnose or repair the garage door sensor efficiently.

Garage doors should be inspected regularly to find any problems that might arise during their operation. If you find any garage door problems, contact “Active Door,” Garage door experts in Hamilton. Promptly addressing these concerns, backed by professional expertise, guarantees a seamlessly operating garage door for your peace of mind.