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Why is My Garage Door Making Noise – 5 Possible Reasons

July 3, 2023

If you’re hearing strange noises from your garage door, you’re probably wondering what’s causing it and if it’s something to worry about. Don’t panic – some noise from your garage door is normal, but loud or unusual sounds could signal a problem. This article will walk you through the possible causes of a noisy garage door and when to call a professional like Active Door Garage Door Specialist.

Common Causes of a Noisy Garage Door

There are several common reasons why your garage door may be making noise:

  • Worn Out Rollers and Hinges

The metal rollers and hinges that allow your door to open and close smoothly can wear out over time. As you operate the door, this causes them to squeak, stick, and grind. Dried-out, dirty, or damaged rollers and hinges must be cleaned, lubricated, or replaced.

  •  Broken or Loose Springs

Torsion springs are what counterbalance the weight of your garage door to make it easy to open and lift. Broken or stretched springs will make a loud “boing” noise as the door operates. They will need to be repaired or replaced to restore proper functionality.

  • Debris in the Tracks

Built-up dirt, dust, leaves, or gravel in your door’s track system can cause rollers to bind and grind. Clear out the tracks to restore smooth operation.

  • Loose, Damaged, or Rusted Tracks

Metal tracks coming loose, bent, dented, or rusted will cause the rollers not to glide properly. This results in loud scraping and grinding noises. Tracks need to be realigned, replaced or sanded down.

  • Motor and Opener Issues

Problems with the opener motor, drive chain, sprockets, or gears can cause unusual noises when you hit the remote. Motor or opener repairs may be needed.

Trust Active Door for Expert Garage Door Repairs

While some noises can be fixed with basic DIY repairs, it’s best to call the professionals at Active Door Garage Door Specialist if:

  • The noises are extremely loud, frequent, or worsening
  • You notice broken cables, strings, or springs
  • The door becomes stuck, jams, or has difficulty opening
  • There are signs of damage to tracks or rollers

The expert technicians at Active Door can inspect your door, accurately diagnose issues, and complete necessary repairs. They have the expertise, parts, and tools to safely and effectively restore your noisy garage door to quiet operation.

Don’t ignore strange sounds coming from your garage door. Schedule an appointment today with a Garage Door Specialist to get your door safely repaired and quieted down if you hear anything unusual. You’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s fixed properly and operating smoothly again.


Some noise from your garage door is normal but loud, grinding and sticking sounds indicate a problem. Worn parts, debris, and damage are common causes that must be addressed. Calling the professionals at Active Door Garage Door Specialist prevents further damage and injury. We can quickly diagnose the issue and make your garage door noise-free so you can enjoy its convenience.