8 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is not Working

December 21, 2021

We’ve been in the garage door industry for a while now, and we have faced a fair share of challenges and made achievements that have shaped us. By now, we’ve acquired a good deal of knowledge and experience on matters garage doors. 

Of course, we have not exhausted all it needs to be learned in this industry, but we deem ourselves industry experts so far. Our goal has always been to supply quality garage doors and give a hassle-free experience to our customers. That mission includes guiding and educating our clientele on what to expect with garage doors. 

Today, we feature some reasons why your garage door is not working. 



1 Exhausted Transmitter Batteries 

It’s common knowledge that transmitters use batteries. Once the batteries are depleted, they will no longer power up to send signals. If you find out that the wall transmitter still sends the signal, you might have exhausted the battery on the other transmitter. When such is the case, all you need to do is replace the batteries, and you are good to go.  

2 Misaligned Photo Eyes 

Thanks to the photo-eye, garage doors can detect if something is on its way while closing. Over time, dirt may accumulate on these photo eyes rendering them defective. You will know that when the door opens properly but does not close. You can gently clean the eyes or realign them to their original shape. 

3 Misaligned Track 

Sometimes, your garage door is not working because the track is no longer in good shape. It would help if you realigned the metal back so the door can run on it correctly. 

4 Broken springs 

If the door no longer goes up, it could be broken springs. This one is complex, and you need a garage door professional in Burlington, Hamilton & Oakville to fix it. 

5 Something could be blocking the path 

Garage doors are designed to detect obstacles in their path automatically, which triggers them not to close and crash them. If dirt has built up around the track, it would be helpful to remove them and check if the door closes properly. 

6 Improperly set door limit settings 

If you find that your door closes but doesn’t stay closed, the issue could be its limit settings which are improperly set. You should reset the settings, and the case should be resolved.

7 Active disconnect switch

Garage doors are designed to work manually during a power outage with the help of the disconnect switch. However, problems might arise when the disconnect switch is enabled when there is power. You will find that the motor runs, but the door doesn’t move. Disable the disconnect switch when you face such an issue, and your garage door should start moving. 

8 The door could have been locked manually 

If the motor is running for a few seconds yet the door is not opening, chances are the door is locked manually. Check the lock and disengage it, and the door should start opening.  

These are some of the leading reasons why your garage door is not working. If you require any assistance with garage doors, feel free to reach out to Hamilton Garage Doors, as they are always available to help. Ours are quality products going for competitive pricing.