common garage door problem faq's

some helpful information on common garage problems!

My garage door has been dented. Can I replace just one of the sections, rather than the entire door?
Yes, you can replace just one section for most garage doors, depending if the model of garage door that you are replacing is still in production. Also, paint matching may be an issue as color variations can occur over time.

My garage door is hanging crooked in the opening. What is wrong with the door?
Most likely one of the garage door cables has come off of the cable drum or snapped (side that is hanging the lowest) from closing on something. The cables may still be under spring tension and should not be touchedwithout the proper knowledge and tools to make the repair. In addition, trying to force the garage door closed or open may cause further damage to the garage door tracks and may also cause the door to fall to the floor. In most cases you are better off to leave the door in whatever position it is in until it can be properly repaired.

Why do I have to hold the wall button in to get the opener to close?
Most likely the photo-cell safety beams are blocked, misaligned, or malfunctioning. Move any objects that may be interfering with the signal and verify that the photo-cell LED lights are illuminated as per the manufacturer's instructions. If the infrared beams are not blocked and the photo-cells appear that they are aligned, you will want to have an experience service technician diagnose and repair the problem. You will not be able to close the door with the remote control transmitter until the photo-cells are in proper working order.

Why does my garage door only go down a couple of inches and reverse?
Openers manufactured after 1993 have an infrared safety eye system to reverse the garage door if anything is in the way of the door when closing. Sometimes something is blocking the "light beam" such as a broom handle or spider web. It is possible for the sensors to become misaligned and that will also cause the door to reverse immediately or in some cases when they are just slightly out of adjustment the door may travel part way before reversing. Check sensors for an obstruction or see if the lighted indicators located on both the sending and receiving eyes are both lit. If one is out or blinking then they may need re-aligned.

Why won't my garage door open?
Most times a garage door won't open because a counterbalance mechanism isn't functioning such as a broken extension or torsion spring. If an electric opener is present and no noise is noted when activated, try disconnecting the opener by pulling the emergency release and manually lifting the door. If the door moves the problem most likely is the opener. Make sure there is power to the outlet supplying the opener and if present then a service call by a trained professional is warranted. If there is a problem with the counterbalance mechanism, repair should be made by a qualified door mechanic.

My door seem unbalanced, what should I do?
Active door recommends checking the balance of your door once a year. To do this, close the door and then pull the red disconnect rope on your garage door opener. After pulling the disconnect rope the door should stay on the floor. Next, raise the door about half way open, the door should stay at that position. And finally, raise the door all the way to the open position, where the door should remain open. If your door fails any of these tests, we recommend service by a trained technician.

My cables have come off and my Garage Door is hanging sideways can you fix this?
Yes, we will re-reattach or replace your cables as required and set up your torsion system

Why won't my garage door opener transmitter work?
First check to see if you have a wall console ( push button ) that has a vacation switch or lock button. Most times your lighted push button will be blinking if that function has been activated. Push and hold the vacation or lock button for approximately five seconds and release. If that was the problem the transmitter should then work. If still not working, try a new battery. Be careful to not disturb the coding switches if present. If still malfunctioning you may check to see if coding switches on transmitter match the switches on the power unit hanging from the ceiling.

I have two springs on my garage door and one of them is broken. Should I change them both?
We highly recommend that you change both springs at the same time, since both springs have been under the same amount of stress each time the door has been opened and closed. Unfortunately a visual inspection of the spring cannot determine the further life expectancy of the spring. However, in many cases it will cost less to have both springs changed at the same time than if you only had one spring changed at a time.